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Kahului Residents Love Ohana Hale Chiropractic

Looking Forward To Pain And Ache Free!

Dr. Shaw is very professional, informative, gentle and caring. I really appreciated his follow up call the next day since it was my first time to a chiropractor. I also feel the difference after just one adjustment and am looking forward to getting my life back — pain and ache free!
~Lilia C.

Such a Pleasure

It was a pleasure to have been treated with such professional and personable awareness, and a relief to have felt the difference in my condition the following day.
~Lesta B.

Great Job

My back was hurting so bad before i went to see Dr. Shaw. He did a great job and also call to follow up how i was doing. Staff were great! They were able to get me in when I called.
~Madelyn S.


Excellent service, knowledge, and bedside manner!
~Gabrielle S.


Awesome first experience…
~Julie C.


I am very grateful that I was referred to Dr. Shaw. He is kind and knowledgeable. He was able to provide considerable relief to my neck and shoulder.
~Stephanie S.


My first adjustment was awesome and I felt an increased range of motion in my neck right away and a lifting of some pent up stress in my neck. It was a lifting of stiffness. I was hopeful that it would provide immediate results in relieving the pins and needles in my right hand that keep me up at night. It did provide some relief, but not as much as I had hoped. I did appreciate the call from Dr. Shaw on Saturday and he reminded me that it is a process. I look forward to seeing some great results. You have a very professional organization. Thank you very much.
~Jeff R.


I’m happy to have found a chiropractor that listens and understands my needs. The service was fast, informative, and friendly. I would highly recommend Ohana Hale Chiropractic.
~Chad O.


Thank you so much for an amazing appointment! My back feels much much better and I loved the advice given to establish a routine that will help stabilize my back. I will be returning for sure!
~Joanna T.

Really Happy

I’m really happy I have found a chiropractor on Maui that I feel comfortable with.
~Khara C.

Feeling Confident

I feel very confident that I will improve my health with your care. Thank you.
~Betty V.

Very Fortunate

How fortunate I am to have found Dr. Shaw and his staff at Ohana Hale Chiropractic! My initial visit gave me relief from back pain along with confidence for improving and sustaining my health. It is my pleasure to highly recommend this office.
~Ellen P.

Very Pleased

I was very pleased with my visit and overall experience. Very impressed with the follow up phone call to see how I was doing. I know my husband was just as impressed as well. I’m so grateful for the treatment my husband Glenn has been receiving. He looks so much more relaxed and is not in pain as he had been. Thank you Dr. Shaw!!
~Ululani C.

Extremely Impressed

Amazing re-introduction to chiropractic. Extremely impressed with interest in educating me and overall concern for my well being. Quite a thorough treatment, more extensive than hoped for and feel very fortunate to be entering into this new health partnership. Mahalo, mahalo!
~Pono F.


My first visit was excellent. Dr Shaw is easy to talk to but above all he is skillful and I had immediate relief. I’m very confident that I’ll receive the help I’ve been hoping for at Ohana Hale and look forward to my next appointment.
~Mary C.


Dr. Shaw was wonderful. I feel he understood my symptoms and has a plan for my chiropractic care. I’ve been going to chiropractors since I was 13 years old and Dr. Shaw is one of the best I’ve seen. I highly recommend Ohana Hale Chiropractic!
~Susan and Hunt D.

Really Glad

I am really glad Dr. Shaw was recommended to me!
~Deb L.


Gratitude for your expertise and helpful spirit. Excellent professional and uplifting approach. Great team!
~Denise R.

Comfortable And Confident

Feel comfortable and confident that I’m in good hands.
~Katherine I.


If you are new patient, let Dr. Shaw perform “his” magic on you and do what he tells you. You will be amazed and relieved of your pain/suffering after the first visit. This husband/wife team has the “passion” still in their heart for truly helping other humans. This alone is getting to be a rare quality.

Great Eperience

A new convert. I avoided chiropractic all of my life. More than avoided, I was a vehement, vocal non-believer. I’m now telling friends, even random people of my great experience. I write this commentary, roughly 36 hours after my first treatment. I received immediate relief, after 1 month of suffering. I slept well for the first time in weeks. When I got back in my truck after treatment, I had to adjust all of my mirrors for both height and sideways, as I had a starboard list. My co-workers noticed my improved posture and gait. I notice that I sit, stand, walk differently, better. Thanks doc and Tara.

~James F.


The doctor and staff were very conscientious in their efforts to help. Not only did they make the effort to determine what I was feeling but made several follow up calls to confirm that I was responding well and determine how my symptoms had changed. I will not hesitate to recommend them to others who may benefit from their services.

~Mike K.

Concerned For The Patient Well Being

My feeling is that unlike a lot of medical practitioners I have had experience with in the U.S. Your office is actually more concerned with their patients well being than with their own bottom line…..

~Wil G.


My first visit with Dr. Shaw was pleasant. He was very easy to talk to, explained my problem to me, and a good listener. I look forward to my next visit. Receptionist was very helpful. It is great that you have compassion for us seniors by having a special rate for us. Thank you.

~Arlene T.


Dr Shaw was awesome, kind, professional and caring, not to mention he is really good at what he does. I felt better instantly, but I also felt heard, like he cared about me. This will be a regular part of my wellness program. I am greatful! Mahalo!

~Janet K.

Results After First Visit

I didn’t expect to have results after the first visit but I did and I’ve been feeling great ever since. Thank you and I will return.

~ Katherine V.


Customer Service was excellent from my first contact with staff via phone, and continued to be excellent throughout my first visit. Dr. Shaw was exceptional! No surprise after reading the excellent comments/reviews about him online, and also very positive comments from personal friends/acquaintances. I can hardly wait for my second and subsequent appointments. Am so ready to rock and roll my way back to pain free alignment! I have total trust that Dr.Shaw’s professional, skillful and caring assistance will get me there soon!

~ Tina M.